30 – Fairfax, VA


Russ “DANGERUSS” Kaus is half madman, half machine. Seriously: he’s launched down some of the biggest gaps of all time (basically roofs) and lived to tell the tail. Hailing from Washington D.C., Russ is known for his huge “Mandys,” spectacular frontflips, and passing some of the most technical wrap combos ever. #TOOLSHEAD

Pogopalooza 2020 Best Trick (Double Stickflip)

 Pogopalooza 2014 USA Best Trick (Gainer Flip off 8ft Plank)
 Pogopalooza 2013 Freestyle
 Pogopalooza 2012 Best Trick (Randy – Gainer Mandy)

 Pogopalooza 2015 Open High Jump (9′ 6″)
 Pogopalooza 2013 Best Trick


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