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26 – New Hope, PA


Nic “Paco” Patino hails from New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he and Henry Cabelus trained in the art of jumping crazy stupid high. Winner of the “Pogopalooza 2016” high jump competition, Nic’s style is as massive as it is controlled. Known for popularising “suicide no-handers,” nailing crazy gaps, and his myriad flip variations, it’s no wonder that Neil Patrick Harris gave Nic an Armani suit for his 18th birthday (true story)!

Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Best Trick

Pogopalooza 2021 Best Trick (Front Foot Impossible)
Pogopalooza 2020 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Open Best Trick (One Hand Superman)
Pogopalooza 2014 USA Freestyle


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