22 – New Hope, PA



Inspired to start riding by fellow New Hope dweller, Nic Patino, it’s been a constant battle between the two to master some of the sports most difficult tricks. Henry is the silent assassin. He’s a quiet kid who will go to a spot, not really talk much, but then bust out some of craziest lines that other riders can only dream of. Henry also jumps ridiculously high for such a small guy. He somehow cleared a 9 foot high bar without even tucking so that’s proof enough that Henry is the guy who makes dreams become a reality and nothing is stopping him from taking over the Xpogo world.

Pogopalooza 2018 Best Trick
Pogopalooza 2018 Finals High Jump

Pogopalooza 2019 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2019 High Jump
Pogopalooza 2016 Best Trick
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Best Trick
Pogopalooza 2015 Open Best Trick

Pogopalooza 2018 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2016 High Jump
Pogopalooza 2015 Open Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals High Jump