24 – New Hope, PA


Henry Cabelus is one of the finest pogo athletes the world has ever seen – a true master of his craft. He has pushed street riding to a whole new level, sending the loftiest flips off the biggest drops he can find and making it look easy. With a well rounded bag of tricks, Henry is a true professional – no stranger to world record feats, massive crowds, and jumping really really freaking high. 

Pogopalooza 2018 Best Trick (Kodiak Flip) 
Pogopalooza 2018 Finals High Jump (10′ 6″)

Pogopalooza 2022 High Jump (11′)
Pogopalooza 2021 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2021 High Jump (11′ 2.5″)
Pogopalooza 2019 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2019 High Jump (10′ 6″)
Pogopalooza 2016 Best Trick (Grizzly Flip)
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Best Trick (Aerial Inward Whip) 
Pogopalooza 2015 Open Best Trick (Reverse Double Front Flip Dismount) 

Pogopalooza 2018 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2016 High Jump
Pogopalooza 2015 Open Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals High Jump


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