24 – Knoxville, TN


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“CREO” (Xpogo’s “Chief Real Estate Officer”) is the three time, reigning world champion of extreme pogo, scoring gold at the “Pogopalooza Freestyle Finals” in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Dalton puts on a clinic every time he pogos; with a style that is as smooth and controlled as it is spectacular and huge. A student at the University of Tennessee, Dalton will leave your jaw on the floor… before waxing philosophical about the ephemerality of existence. Truly, a special snowflake.

Guinness World Records:


Pogopalooza 2019 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2018 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2016 Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2015 Finals High Jump (tied)
Pogopalooza 2014 USA Freestyle
Pogopalooza 2014 France Freestyle

Pogopalooza 2018 High Jump
Pogopalooza 2018 Best Trick
Pogopalooza 2015 High Jump

Pogopalooza 2019 High Jump
Pogopalooza 2019 Best Trick
Pogopalooza 2014 High Jump