Super Pogo


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Product Description

Age Range: 14 and up – Teens + Adults

Weight: 120 LBS – 200 LBS

In-A-Sentence: The Super Pogo is meant for teens and smaller adults, providing more height than smaller pogos with a stiffer steel spring and tough metal frame.

  • Sturdy steel spring
  • Comfortable rubber hand grips
  • Nitrile rubber tip
  • Injection-molded clamps and steps


The Super Pogo is a sturdy steel spring stick, great for individuals who have mastered basic balance on smaller sticks and are looking to get more height, more of a workout, or learn more advanced tricks. Made from heavy duty metal the Super Pogo is strong and reliable. Its wider foot pegs, downward-Y handlebars, and stiffer spring make it a tougher stick. The simple, sleek, and symmetrical design of the Super Pogo makes is the stick of choice for many Amateur athletes learning tech tricks and more advanced grabs, grinds, and flip dismounts. Regular wear and tear is expected, but overall the Super Pogo can last for a long time, and certain items, such as the rubber tip and spring are replaceable. Because it supports up to 200 pounds, the Super Pogo 2 is also a great stick for adults who want to work on their balance. Overall, the Super Pogo is an excellent transitionary stick between the lower-ground beginner sticks and the big air pro sticks

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