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Product Description

Age Range: 9 -16 – Kids + Young Teens

Weight: 80-160 LBS

In-A-Sentence: The Master is ideal beginner steel spring stick for kids and young teens wanting to have some fun and learn the basics of bouncing.

  • A wide stance bounce tip that is thick and durable to ensure a more stable and consistent pogo experience.
  • Sturdy, non-slip foot pegs,
  • Durable spring action Pogo Stick enclosed in a foam wrapped metal frame.
  • 6 Colors


The foam Master is what pops into most people’s heads when they think of a pogo stick. Light, nicely sized, and durable for its age/weight range, the Master is one of the best sticks in the world for kids and young teens to learn to bounce on. Utilizing a concealed steel spring and featuring a metal frame covered in foam, the Master is pure example of a classic pogo stick. Because the Master has a height potential of 3 feet – for jumpers that learn to tuck and tweak – it offers slightly more challenges in the areas of balance and opens the door for beginning tricks. Although the Master can hold up to 160 pounds, riders weighing between 80-120 pounds will be ideal for the stick. We recommend the Master most for casual jumpers and kids/young teens looking to have some fun or exercise outdoors, and jumpers who need to perfect their balance in order to graduate to a more advanced stick.

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Black & Red, Black & Yellow, Black & Green, White & Blue, Red, White & Blue, Black Lightning, Pink & Green, Blue & Green, Blue & Sea

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