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Pogo Backpack


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Product Description

Flybar Pogo Stick Backpack by the Original Pogo Stick Company!  Perfect for any level of pogoer; made to fit all sizes that pogo’s are available in.

Made from a strong, high quality polyester material that will last you for years. Here are some of the features of the new Flybar Pogo Stick Backpack:

  • Smooth working zipper that won’t snag or get caught,
  • Secure buckles that will hold up against the heaviest extreme pogo stick as well as keeping a smaller beginner pogo stick in place,
  • Strong velcro to keep your pogo stick stored nice and tight,
  • Quality stitching that is ensured to hold and last for years,
  • Heavily padded backside and shoulder straps that make the backpack comfortable even with all your gear.
  • See that pocket on the right hand side? Just unzip, fold it down into a convenient water bottle holder.
  • Made to fit all sizes of pogo sticks. Ex. Super Pogo, Super Pogo2, Flybar 800, Maverick, Master, Vurtego etc.

Whether you’re practicing at the park or on your way to a Pogo Competition the Flybar Pogo Stick Backpack is a great addition to your pogoing activities.