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Pogopalooza 6 Promo

By June 15, 2009 No Comments

Pogopalooza 6 – 8.22.09 – Schenley Plaza

Pogopalooza is the annual gathering of the best extreme pogo athletes in the world. This year, Pogopalooza is being held in Pittsburgh, and will be a four-day extravaganza unlike anything the city has ever seen.

At Pogopalooza 6, pogo athletes hailing from points all across the United States, Canada, and England will participate in extreme pogo performances and competitions. Spectators will be astounded as jumpers clear heights of 8 feet, perform high-flying flips, and execute mind-blowing stunts. From August 19th-August 21st, these pogo athletes will carry-out a 3-day, city-wide performance tour, stopping at such locations as Carnegie Mellon University, Point State Park, Carnegie Science Center, Mt. Washington, and more.

On August 22nd, the main Pogopalooza 6 event will take place from 1-5PM in Schenley Plaza in Oakland. During this event, pogo athletes will vie for world record titles, established national pogo groups will perform, amateur pogoers will have the chance to win prizes and perfect their skills, and all of the U.S. pogo industries will feature their respective products. Gobs of pogo sticks both classic and extreme will be available for anyone to try out.

For four days of amazing performances, thrilling competitions, and lots and lots of pogo sticks, make sure to attend Pogopalooza 6!