Most Synchronized Backflips

Pogopalooza 2014 Athletes

Dmitry Arsenyev, Mark Aldridge, Jake Gartland, Henry Cabelus, Nick McClintock, Fred Grzybowski, Biff Hutchison, Ryan O’Malley, Jake Fagliarone, Steve Bennett, Zach Tucker, Michael Mena, Nic Patino, Dalton Smith, Russ Kaus

Record: 15 People

Where: Pittsburgh, PA

When: Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

Details:  Fifteen of the top Xpogo athletes were able to bounce and backflip synchronized on pogo sticks at Pogopalooza 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA making it a new world record!

Previous Record Holders

Pogopalooza 2013 Athletes – 14 People

Pogopalooza 2012 Athletes – 12 People