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Waking up from a night in a hammock to a tranquil, fog-covered lake and dew-drops on spiderwebs was a far better way to wake up than in a smelly van with five dudes. We had to get back on the road pretty early to make it to Dallas by Monday, so we packed up quickly and started the drive.

Shortly after we crossed into Texas we blew a tire going 70mph down the highway. Tone was driving and got us safely off the road – thankfully there weren’t a ton of other cars around. We didn’t have a spare, so we called for a tow, waited on the shoulder for a while, got towed to the nearest mechanic, and waited even longer. To kill the time Dalton, Ryan, and Mena played a quick game of P.O.G.O. – Mena won with a Stickflip-Mandy-Front Flip.

Once the van was good to go we had a late night drive into Dallas and checked into our hotel – 7 dudes in one room. After two nights of camping, access to a shower became the greatest luxury we could have hoped for. Got some good night sleep, the next morning was our first day shooting with Dude Perfect.

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