Day 7 - Xpogo
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We woke up in Arkansas to a more beautiful sight than we had expected. Perfect weather, surrounded by a slightly flooded lake, almost no other people around, and slightly ahead of our driving schedule – we unanimously decided it was a good idea to spend the whole day and one more night there.

After roasting some breakfast on the campfire we spent the day exploring, lounging in hammocks, and tying to pogo wherever the ground was hard enough. Mena pulled off a ridiculous front flip over his tent – sketchier than it needed to be because every other bounce seemed to sink into the dirt. Tone did a massive picnic table to tree plant gap.

Halfway through the day we realized the spot we blindly set up our tent the night before wasn’t quite as nice as a spot we found about a hundred yards away. Rather than taking everything down and re-setting it up we just picked up our tents and carried them through the trees. As the sun started setting we started up another fire, settled in, cooked some more food, and ended the night listening to a pack of coyotes howling from across the lake. Too close sounding.

Dalton, Carson, and I slept in hammocks on the edge of the water.

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