Day 3 - Xpogo
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We got into New Orleans at 3am and slept in the van again. The rain stopped in the middle of the night and the weather was looking promising.

After shaking off the morning grogginess we hopped in the van to head out looking for somewhere to pogo. We got lucky and stumbled on an abandoned power plant / concrete slab / the perfect pogo spot that was a half mile from the parking lot we slept in.

Just the right amount of sketchy.

We had a pretty good session, found a dead crawdad, broke some light bulbs, talked to a German photographer about gun laws, and threw some pretty crazy tricks. Ryan did a tuck reverse step up to rewind, which blew my mind.

The rain was slowly starting back up again, we hadn’t showered since Loredo, and van sleep wasn’t cutting it anymore, so we grabbed a hotel room for the night.


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