About Us


Xpogo LLC strives to grow and perpetuate the sport and the lifestyle of Xpogo globally 


Xpogo LLC is the governing body for the sport of Xpogo.

Xpogo LLC manages professional athletes, a competition series, a global performance team, and digital news platforms, in addition to creating and distributing premier content, and selling the best equipment for participating in the sport.

Xpogo LLC acts as the standard bearer for rules, records, and regulations inside the world of the sport.  Additionally, Xpogo LLC facilities strategic partnerships within the industry, and has developed and nurtured the growth of key groups within the sport including athletes, manufacturers, media partners, and fans.



Nick Ryan – CEO  & Co-Founder

Nick Ryan began bouncing over a decade ago and helped to pioneer the sport of Xpogo.  Along with a core team of founders, Nick invented many of the tricks still seen in the sport today.  Nick was on of the top Xpogo athletes through the mid-2000’s, after which point he decided to enter into the business side of the sport.  Coming from a background that includes a bachelors at Carnegie Mellon University and professional event production work for companies in New York City, Nick helped incorporate Xpogo LLC in 2010, as a vehicle to bring cohesion to the sport’s growth.  Today, Nick is the CEO of Xpogo LLC and, along with his partners, manages the global development of the sport and lifestyle of Xpogo.

Nick McClintock – Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

For over 15 years, Nick McClintock has shaped the identity of the sport of Xpogo both by laying the foundations for a large number of the sport’s signature tricks, and by setting the standard for the visual representation of the sport through his design, and video production work.  Nick’s vision for the Xpogo brand has been the rudder for the development of the sport since its inception and through every major step it has taken in the process of entering mainstream culture.  With a bachelors from Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute and a wealth of experience from film and design projects across the globe, Nick sits at the helm of all Creative decisions inside the company today as its Chief Creative Officer.  However, Nick still finds time to bounce regularly, appearing frequently in Xpogo films projects and at live events the company produces.

Fred Grzybowski – Co-Founder

Fred Grzybowski is one of the godfathers of the sport of Xpogo and has been a major force in shaping the landscape of the tricks performed today.  Fred has appeared on numerous prime time television shows across the world and has contributed profoundly to the sport’s exposure across the years.  As one of the founders of Xpogo LLC as well, Fred has been instrumental in pushing the sport into the next generation.  Today, Fred still competes, performs, and films at a Pro Level, continuing to inspire the other athletes in the sport.

Ariel Beach-Westmoreland – Director of Operations

Ariel joined the Xpogo team in 2014 to head up global operations within the company.  Coming to the table with a deep production experience managing events for blue chip brands in major cities in the USA, South America, and Asia, Ariel oversees the day-to-day high level functioning of the company as well as the execution of its many live events.

Bryan Pognant – Head Athlete Manager

Bryan has been a long-time athlete and pioneer inside the world of Xpogo, but joined the company in 2014 to manage the growing pool of athletes represented by Xpogo LLC.  In addition to riding, competing, and filming as a pro athlete, Bryan also oversees the movements, sponsorships, and general development of represented and up and coming athletes.

Corey Wachala – Finance Director

After helping Xpogo LLC through two years of strong growth in 2013 and 2014, Corey today acts as the company’s Finance Director, managing all of the accounting needs inside the business.

For more information, to connect with the founders, or discuss business development opportunities, please reach out to us at info@Xpogo.com